What is this the purpose of this group?

We are an organization of women established to guide and support each other as we work toward life-long improvement in the areas of physical and personal wellness. Through focused goal-setting, collaboration, and accountability, we aim to empower one another grow and reach new achievements.

Who is this group for?

We are a diverse group of women, and we intend to keep this group inclusive for all women and woman-identifying people of any religion, ethnicity, or (adult) age. Our only requirements are that you be committed, kind, and open-minded.

Can you tell me more about how you set goals?

We believe that working little by little toward larger goals helps us build the women that we want to become. No goal is too small and no amount of effort is inconsequential. For every bit of work we do to improve ourselves and our lives, we are unlocking doors that will ultimately lead to a better future.

It all starts by determining a vision for ourselves and our lives. Based on this vision, we set monthly medium-term goals in our Five Domains of Personal Wellness. From there, we set daily, measurable goals intended to move us closer to our longer-term goals, and toward our ultimate vision.

How often do you meet?

We meet virtual once a week. This meeting is 45 minutes to an hour in length and is required for all full-established members.

We do not meet in person at this time, though future activities may take place for recreation, unity, fitness or service to the community. We also have a Slack workspace for day-to-day conversations, encouragement, etc.

What if I can’t make the weekly call?

For women who are unable to attend the virtual meeting, an associate membership is available. This modified membership grants you the ability to work along with the team via the shared Slack channels. Once you are able to attend meetings regularly, you will automatically be upgraded to a full membership.

As the groups grow larger, we will open up new call times, and we will ask for your feedback on preferred times, so hang in there!

How do I join?

Joining is easy. All you have to do is fill out this brief questionnaire. The administrator will email you to set up a brief, one-on-one Zoom call so that we can meet and answer any questions you have. Then, if we mutually decide this group is right for you, we will add you as an associate member to a few of our shared Slack channels, so that you can meet the rest of the members. Once you have attended two virtual meetings, you will become a full member,

Full membership vs associate membership

Associate members have access to our three Slack channels, where they can meet the team, chat, get inspiration and advice, and work on setting and achieving goals.

Full members have access to our goal tracker, all of the Slack channels, and the Zoom call ID so they can attend the weekly virtual meeting.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to join, and there are no dues.

Is this a religious group?

This is not a church group, and we have no religious affiliation.