Five Domains of Personal Wellness

Our sense of wellness stems from everything that we do and experience. In order to achieve harmony, it is important to address imbalances in every aspect of our lives. For example, if you let yourself get stressed out about your physical health and social situations, but then expect meditation to bring you a sense of peace, you will never find it. You must first handle the things that are actively disruptive to your emotional wellbeing.

These Five Domains of Wellness are intended to address the primary areas that we can make improvements to become happier, better versions of ourselves.

1. Physical
Climbing stairs

What can you do to improve your physical wellbeing?

Suggestions: Focus on your health, fitness, nutrition, sleep, stamina, strength, conditioning, quitting bad habits, etc.

2. Intellectual
Woman studying with a stack of books

This category is all about self improvement, and living a stimulating, successful life. Think about goals that focus on creativity and curiosity, or can help you advance in your life or career.

Suggestions: Read more, learn a new language, explore a new topic, journal freely, or even spend time exploring a viewpoint that is opposite the one you hold.

3. Emotional/Spiritual

Your emotional health affects everything you do. It gives you your sense of meaning and purpose. It improves your ability to work productively, carry healthy relationships, and cope with the stresses of every day life.

Suggestions: Take some time daily to look inward and focus on your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This can include things like reading self-help books; working on self-confidence; meditation; being intentional about building peace, happiness, and laughter into your life; practicing gratefulness or mindfulness; etc.

4. Social

Relationships can have a profound effect on your happiness and satisfaction with life. Every day, the strength of your relationships affects your interactions with your spouse, children, friends, coworkers and strangers.

Suggestions: You can focus on boosting healthy relationships, mending damaged relationships, or reaching out to people to building new ones. This is also your chance to contribute to your community and forge new relationships while giving back.

5. Home Life
home life

Focus here on improving the world that you live in. What can you do to create harmony, security, structure, and stability to your life?

Suggestions: Decluttering, reorganizing, building savings and credit, creating and maintaining a budget, focusing on home projects or emergency preparedness, etc.