Our Mission: Empowerment through Unity

Our goal is to empower women to be the best possible versions of themselves. Carbon Women’s Coalition does this through long- and short-term goal setting, working together to keep each other on track, constant motivation, and focused teamwork to achieve balance and success in our Five Domains of Wellness.

When we come together as a team, we are able to converge all of our passions, ideas, skills, and talents, and drive each other forward. At the core of it all, we seek to use our strengths and successes to help those who come after us.


Women Helping Each Other Up

We rise by lifting others

This is something we believe as a foundational value. When we help our sisters carve a path toward greatness in their lives, we also carve a path toward greatness in our own.


We are a small group of women located in Southern California, though members are welcome from across America. This group was formed to empower each other, to inspire motivation and ambition, and out of a belief that women can achieve more when we work together and help each other.

Why Carbon?

Carbon has a unique ability to form an unlimited number of patterns. When arranged in one pattern, carbon atoms form graphite, which is both soft and resilient. But, when placed under pressure, carbon — we — turn into diamonds, one of the most resilient materials in the world.

Five Domains

In the pursuit of more satisfying, balanced lives, we have established our Five Domains of Wellness. These are:

• Physical Health
• Emotional/Spiritual Wellbeing
• Intellectual Growth
• Social Wellness
• Home Harmony

Goal Setting

Goal setting and achievement is a three-step process:

First, determine your vision. What do you want for your life?

Second, set short-term goals. What do you want to work on to get you closer to your vision?

Third, set even smaller goals. What can you do every single day to achieve your short-term goal?


Weekly tracking and checking in is where the group comes in. Anybody can set goals and start working toward them, but most of us do better and achieve more when we have a support system.

With our online goal tracker and weekly group check-in calls (required), we keep each other on track, provide motivation, and offer support and advice.


First and foremost, we are here to work as a team to support and encourage each other.

We cheer each other on and applaud each other’s wins. We are here to help, not to compete (unless it’s a friendly competition). We lift each other up and use our strengths to help one another.