Speaking truth the end the stigma surrounding anxiety and depression, guest Whytli Rogers | Episode 05

Whytli Rogers

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In this episode, host Cat Derner speaks with mental health advocate Whtyli Rogers about the stigmas that surround mental illness. Whtyli discusses her own personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. She also shares how she co-founded the End the Stigma foundation, which shares educational resources, messages of hope, and #NoFilter stories so that people no longer have to suffer in silence.

Whytli Rogers is a certified life coach, mental health advocate, and survivor of sexual and mental abuse. She is a podcast host on In the Wake with Whytli and the co-founder of the End The Stigma foundation. 

Through the non-profit foundation, they work to break down and End The Stigma around mental health and mental illness. In Las Vegas, she has started four support groups facilitated by her therapist for teens struggling with mental illness. Online, the foundation shares educational resources, messages of hope, and their #NoFilter stories. Through sharing the raw and vulnerable stories of mental health, they are taking off the filter or mask that social media paints where everything looks picture perfect. By doing so, they let others know they aren’t alone in the struggle and there is hope and healing. 

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