Woman, find your voice. And use it! Guest Jessica Guzic | Episode 06

Jessica Guzik

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Host Cat Derner speaks with Jessica Guzik, host of The Art of Speaking Up podcast, about how we, as women can use our voices to stand out at work and how even our insecurities can be an asset when it comes to finding your authentic, powerful voice. This episode is all about how you can overcome your fear of speaking up and learn to take up some space so that you can get ahead in your life and your career. 

Jessica is a Corporate Strategist, women’s career & leadership coach, and host of The Art of Speaking Up podcast — a show that helps working women build confidence and find their voices at work.  Jessica is passionate about helping professional women build confidence and advance in their careers, and she brings a positive, strengths-based approach to her content and her work.  

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