Team Guidelines


This group is about two things:

1. Teamwork

Knot Teamwork

First and foremost, we are a team. We work together to help each other achieve our goals and be the possible best versions of ourselves. We cheer each other on and applaud each other’s wins. We are here to help; we do not compete with each other. We lift each other up and use our strengths to help one another.

2. Accountability and integrity.

The only way we can be the women we want to be is to hold ourselves to our own highest standards, take responsibility for our wins and losses, and admit to our failings. 

Honesty Policy

In order to get where you want to be, you have to be honest with yourself. Admit your own faults and mistakes. Be honest with your goal tracking; if you didn’t complete your objective for the day, take the 0. We are here to help, not to judge. We love to help and offer advice but, only by knowing when you don’t meet your goals, can we help you figure out ways to get or stay on track.


Before you get started, we will ask you to create a vision for your life. Think about your life 1, 5, or 10 years in the future, and be as detailed as you can. Specifically, think about your life in the context of the five domains.

This goal will be placed in the space on your goal tracker. Try to use this vision to craft your goals, and frequently refer back to it to remind yourself why you are working so hard.

Goal Planning
Goal planning

Monthly, choose at least three of the five domains that you would like to work on. 

Set a medium- to long- term goal (one month or more) that you would like to achieve. These goals should lead toward your overall vision, but it is ok if you set a goal just for the sake of doing something that makes you happy or more well-rounded! 

Determine what you will do each day to move you toward your long-term goal. This daily action should be measurable and appropriate for your life. Try to push yourself, but also don’t overwhelm yourself with unachievable goals — this will only lead to frustration and, possibly, a desire to quit. Consider how much time each action will take, and ask yourself if you can reasonably allocate that amount of time every day.

Goal Tracking

Try to keep your overall score for each week between 80-100%. We ALL get low scores on some weeks. Don’t worry if it happens to you. A score under 50% will signal to the group that we should talk with you to see if we can offer any tips or advice, or to assess your potential need to make adjustments. No harsh judgements allowed. A listening ear and helpful advice only. 

Update your goal tracker as is convenient to you. Some of us update daily, others write in a notepad and transfer their scores to the tracker at the end of the week. Both are fine, but you should have your tracker filled out the evening before the weekly team call. We look at these the morning before the call, so make sure it is done the night before. 

Daily-measurable goals can be changed mid-month, but should only be changed if you realize they aren’t moving you in the direction you want to go. If it is actually effective, but you just feel tired of it, you should probably just keep going and prove to yourself how much tenacity you have. 

Team Calls

Team calls are required. Right now, team calls are on Wednesdays at 7:15pm.

Life happens and things come up, so we understand that everyone may miss a call occasionally. But this group is about commitment to ourselves and each other. In order to both get the most out of this group, and give the most back to each other, it is important to show up and participate fully. 

We will spend the first portion of each call catching up with each other’s progress for the week. Prior to the call, we recommend that you take a few minutes to look at your teammates’ goal trackers to see how their week went. Think about any questions you want to ask or feedback you want to give.


In order to build a strong team, we need a sense of connection with each other. Keep us up to date with your life, and try to stay up to date with your teammates’ lives. The more actively engaged you are, the more you will get out of this group.

You are expected to check in with the group Slack workspace at least once a week. We have several channels within our Slack group, and we usually have multiple conversations going on at once, so feel free to jump in or start your own, tell us how your day went, ask a question, initiate a challenge, follow up on a topic from our weekly call, etc.. Just let us know you’re still with us, even when life gets hectic. 

If you are going to miss a call, team-wide notification is required. A simple message in the Slack app indicating that you are absolutely devastated to have to miss a call with such a great group of ladies is sufficient.


We will protect your privacy and expect that you will protect ours, in return. It is never ok to share anyone’s personal information, including email addresses, phone numbers, goal plans, or personal details from posts or conversations with people outside of the group without their explicit permission. Doing so will get you immediately removed from the group. 

Washing Out

It is a reality that not everybody who joins us will stay. If you decide this group is not right for you, or that you can’t fit it in your life, please let us know before just leaving. It can be jarring to the group to have a member just disappear without a goodbye or any chance to understand your need to go. We ask you to try to respect the bonds that are formed when people share their lives with each other.

Have Fun!

That’s it. Remember that this is OUR group. We are all here to have a great experience, to learn from each other, and to grow. As such, flexibility is key. Keep your mind open, feel free to offer suggestions and ideas, and please enjoy being a part of this team!